Beginner’s Pak (Implant Dentistry Course for Beginners)

5 online sessions (7.5 hours)

This course is for beginners; register only if you are not familiar with dental implants.

Start date:  2022 Sep 10

By completing this course, you will:

  1. Know implant components
    1. Implant (basic)
    2. Cover screw
    3. Healing abutment
    4. Impression coping (basic)
    5. Abutment (basic)
    6. Superstructure (single-tooth)
  2. Learn the surgical procedure to place an implant
    1. Flap design (basic)
    2. Drilling protocol (basic)
    3. Implant insertion
      • Submerged
      • Non-submerged
    4. Exposing the implant
  3. Learn the prosthetic procedure to restore with an implant
    1. Using the open-tray impression coping
    2. Open-tray impression making
    3. Abutment selection
    4. Prosthesis try-in and delivery

At the end of this course, you can:

Place implants in simple cases and restore single-tooth gaps with implants.

Fee: 750 CAD (You can cancel registration, using the contact form.)