Biomechanics Pak (Implant Biomechanics in Practice)

Dental Implant Biomechanics

Four live online sessions (six hours)

Elementary biomechanics for those in intermediate level of implantology

Start date: 2022 Nov 15

By completing this course you learn about:

  • Cortical and cancellous bone
  • Implant components and their role in bearing stresses
  • Implant diameter and narrow implants
  • Implant length and short implants
  • Implant surface and bone to implant contact (BIC)
  • Crown height and crown-to-implant ratio
  • Abutment torque and screw preload
  • Connections

At the end of this course:
You will gain a practical insight into how different parts of implant treatments can influence the outcomes from a biomechanical point of view.

A basic understanding of dental implants is required (If you do not know dental implants, our ‘Implant Dentistry Course for Beginners’ is recommended before taking this course).

Fee: 600 CAD (You can cancel registration, using the contact form.)