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Pedram, with his passion for learning, has been acquiring valuable skills during his life. At school, he was always a top student, who was incentivized many times. In the early years of life, he had been building on his creativity and working-with-hands skills by doing paintings, an interest which was followed to make him a professional artist with a number of beautiful creations in the later years. He even participated with some of his works in domestic art exhibitions. It was not only the painting among the arts that he dedicated time to, but also calligraphy and photography, although the two latter had not been followed professionally, but more as a hobby. This led him in some later years to decide to learn computer graphic designing, which was the digital form of art. Thus, he took multiple computer courses, began with Windows XP and continued to Typing Principles, Adobe Photoshop, Retouching, Corel Draw, Macromedia Flash and finally programming principles. These classes have given him a remarkable talent in working with computer. Alongside this, he was studying English with taking evening classes. These all activities led him to develop good communication and social skills, which soon helped him to prove himself as an English teacher to have a part-time job when he was studying at the university. His entrance to the university in the major of dentistry — as a top major in the country at the time — was not possible without his dedicating much attention to his studies at the high school. University for him was a turning point, a place to bring all acquired talents into practice. Dentistry, know as an art and science, requires both hand skills and knowledge. Pedram with his background was the right person to study dentistry. Fortunately, he was successful in practical and theoretical lessons alike. Even more, he could have realized that lecturing and presentation were hidden talents of him, which should have been enhanced. As a result, he many times prepared professional talks as a para-activity in different classes. This way, he was able to practice presentation skills for his future to make an international speaker. Becoming interested in implant dentistry, he chose to take a long-term dental implants course in the last year of his six-year Doctorate, before graduation. It was a beginning for him to start in-depth studies on dental implants. Right after graduation, he registered as an ITI member to follow International Team for Implantology events to enrich his knowledge with up-to-date information. After a while, there, he became an ITI Speaker and continued to share his knowledge with colleagues in several national and international events. In addition to all the mentioned activities, it is worth mentioning that he also was always an active member of the executive committee in different symposia and congresses. This rich background finally helped him to become a board member of the Iranian Dental Association — Isfahan Branch. He now is the director of the research and development committee in the association. Turning to his publications, he has two books of Quintessence Publishing translated into Persian, both in implant dentistry. Furthermore, in addition to scientific contributions, he invests time for swimming as a hobby and as his favorite sport, learnt years ago during childhood.