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Pedram Pakzad is a Persian dentist, a researcher, and an international speaker in the field of implant dentistry, who creates attractive and easy-to-understand presentations by the use of especial graphics and sensible examples. He predominantly works on short implants, dental implants bio-mechanics, and computer assisted surgery for placing dental implants. He owes his success partly to his background from his early life when he devoted time partly on learning English, computer graphics, painting, and photography. The rewards he had, also, helped many congresses and symposia to be held by his bearing a portion of the burden as an executive member. Before graduation, he also had an active role in establishing and organizing a group in the university for educational and entertaining purposes (Novin Dental Group). Right after graduation, when he had passed “Clinical Course of Implant Dentistry”, he continued learning and sharing knowledge actively by following Implant dentistry as an ITI member. Currently, he is working as a dentist in his private office and he is holding the “International Team for Implantology Speaker” status. Not too late, he will apply to continue his education in a top university to gain his senior goal of living as a well-known figure in academic settings and consequently, continuing devoting his life to adding to the world’s knowledge by research, spreading the knowledge by world-class presentations, and sharing the knowledge with human beings by treating patients.

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Dr. Meysam Mahabadi


Dr. Morteza Bonakdarchian


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  • ITI
  • Isfahan ITI Study Club
  • Isfahan Azad University
  • IGDA (Isfahan Branch)
  • IDA (Isfahan Branch)
  • Isfahan

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Top Skills


Private Practice

Implant Dentistry

Practice, Lectures, and Research

Public Speaking

Implant Dentistry
ITI Speaker


Implant dentistry: Short implants, Crown-implant ratio, Finite Element


English to Persian
Two Books



Fluent, Advanced level


Teaching English

Computer Graphics

CorelDraw, Photoshop
Editing, Designing


Black and White, Pastel, Watercolor, Acrylic, Airbrush

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September 23, 2007
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Entered University

IAU -- Isfahan Branch in the major of Dentistry.

March 20, 2012
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Clinical Course of Implant Dentistry

Started implant related studies, individually, in the last two years of undergraduate studying.

January 1, 2014
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ITI Member

Officially got involved with International Team for Implantology.

June 14, 2016
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ITI Speaker

Officially granted ITI Speaker status.


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Feel free to call or text anytime. In case not available, email at pakzadpedram@yahoo.com. Will get back to you at the first possible time.

Private Dental Office, North Basij Street, Shahid Nikbakht Boulevard, Mobarakeh, Isfahan, Iran

+98 939 409 08 31 / +98 913 223 85 03



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