Pedram Pakzad is a dentist and an international speaker in the field of implant dentistry. He predominantly works on short implants, dental implants biomechanics, and computer-assisted surgery for placing dental implants. Regarding his primary interests, implant dentistry, research, and lecturing can be mentioned. In addition to these, he also has a knack in computer graphics, painting, and photography. Completing “Clinical Course of Implant Dentistry” before graduation was the beginning for him to expand his knowledge on implant dentistry. Since then, he continued learning and sharing the knowledge of implant dentistry by following ITI as an ITI member and speaker. The rewards he has, also helped many dental congresses and symposia to be held by his bearing a portion of the burden as an executive member. Currently, he is working as a dentist in his private office, is a board member of Iranian Dental Association (Isfahan Branch) and he is holding the “International Team for Implantology Speaker” status.

Top Skills


English to Persian


Teaching English


Editing, Designing


Black and White, Pastel, Watercolor, Acrylic, Airbrush Realism


DDS , Private Practice


Surgery, Restoring, Lectures, and Research


Implant Dentistry, ITI Speaker, English/Persian


Implant dentistry: Short implants, Crown-implant ratio, Finite Element

Influencers and Coworkers
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Dr Meysam Mahabadi Prosthodontist

Dr. Meysam Mahabadi


DDS, MSc (Prosthodontist) Prosthodontics Department Chairman -- Isafahan Azad University Iranian Dental Assoc (Isfahan Branch) -- Scientific Director  

Dr. Morteza Bonakdarchian


DDS, MSc (Prosthodontics)

Dr. Vahid Esfahanian

Implant Course Director

DDS, MSc (Periodontics)

Dr. Fateme Jabarpor


Dr. Neda Sadeghian


Dr. Ghazal Savabi



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In an unprecedented effort, the 8th volume of ITI Treatment Guide series has been published in Persian. Editors: D. Wismeijer, D. Buser, S. Chen Authors: U. Brägger, L. J. A. Heitz-Mayfield Translators: Pedram Pakzad, Ghazal Savabi, Fatemeh Jabbarpour, Neda Sadeghian, Mortaza Bonakdarchian

2020-1-17 | PPakzad
More About Pedram

Pedram Pakzad (DDS) Private Office, North Basij Street, Shahid Nikbakht Boulevard, Mobarakeh, Isfahan, Iran 8481817491   Curriculum Vitea       College (High School) 2003-2006: Pooyandegan College (Pre-university) 2006-2007: Emam Sadegh Degree: Diploma Undergraduate Education 2007-2013: Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch Degree: DDS (Doctorate of Dental Surgery), 6 years Other Training 03/2012-11/2012: Clinical Course of Implant Dentistry ITI Speaker 2016-Present Present Occupation Dentist at Private Office Speaker in the field of implantology Presentations 14th Congress of Iranian Dental Students Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran 09-10 Oct 2014 Presentation Title: Computer-assisted Implant Dentistry 13th Isfahan ITI Study Club Meeting (Immediate Implantation, Immediate Loading) Medical Council, Isfahan, Iran 07 Feb 2014 Presentation Titled: Guided Surgery for the Immediate Loading of Implants 20th Isfahan ITI Study Club (New Advances and Technologies in Implant Dentistry) Medical Council, Isfahan, Iran 25 Dec 2015 Presentation Title: Short and Narrow Implants in Comparison with More Complex Procedures 1st Naghsh-e Jahan Dental Congress Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan, Iran 23-25 Aug 2017 Presentation Title: Short Implants, a Treatment Option to the Advantage of Patients 16th International Congress of Iranian Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons 8th International Persian Gulf Implant Symposium (New Horizons, New Perspectives) 6th Young OMFS Researchers Symposium Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran 13-16 Feb 2018 Presentation Title: Shortcomings of Short Implants IAOMS-ACBID Joint Congress (International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in collaboration with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Society of Turkey) Ela Quality Resort Belek, Antalya, Turkey 9-13 May 2018 Presentation Title: Increasing the Available Bone Height vs Reducing Implant Length The First Dental Congress of Golestan Educational Campus of Late Falsafi, Golestal University of Medical Sciences, Golestan, Gorgan, Iran 28-30 Nov 2018 Available Evidence on Short Implants Exhibition and Congress of Iranian Dental Association (EXCIDA 2019) - 59th International Annual Congress of Iranian Dental Association: Professional Excellence by Knowledge and Ethics Iran International Conference Center (Ejlas Saran) 22-26 Apr 2019 Avoiding Extreme Approaches When Facing Vertical Lack of Bone

Executive Roles

1st International Symposium of Iranian Academy of Periodontology Isfahan, Iran 2010 Dec 2-3

Executive role: audiovisual section coordinator Continuing Education on Surgical and Prosthodontic Considerations in Implant Dentistry Isfahan, Iran 2012 Sep 12-14 Executive role:

audiovisual section coordinator 7th Congress of Iranian General Dentists Assosiation Tehran, Iran 2013 Feb 5-8 Executive role: students committee coordinator Second Middle East ICOI/IAO Congress Isfahan, Iran 2013 Aug 21-23 Executive role: students committee coordinator 5th IGDA Implant Comprehensive Symposium Tehran, Iran 2014 Oct 22-24 Executive role: a member of executive committee Esfahan Comprehensive Conference of Dentistry Isfahan, Iran 2014 Dec 17-19 Executive role: a member of registration Committee Scientific and Comprehensive Dental Continuing Education Meeting Isfahan, Iran 2016 July 20-22 Executive role: main lecture hall organizer Implant and Esthetic Dentistry Symposium Isfahan, Iran 2016 Dec 21-23 Executive role: audiovisual section coordinator 27th Isfahan ITI Study Club Meeting (Ridge Augmentation) Isfahan, Iran 2017 Oct 06 Executive role: event owner       Publications Papers Crown-implant ratio and its influence on the bone under different loading conditions: a finite element analysis (Under Revision) Books (Translations) ITI Treatment Guide 8: Biological and Hardware Complications in Implant Dentistry Immediate Function & Esthetics in Implant Dentistry